Your Best Sleep to Awaken Your Best Self

How would your life change today if 2 things happened?

  1. Every night you had your best sleep

  2. You took advantage of this sleep to become everything you want to be

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Why would I want to use this?

You know that there are certain areas of your life that you were able to improve would be life changing to you.

Not only can these sessions help you to achieve these changes, but you can do this by simply having an incredible night of deep sleep.

How does it work?

Hypnosis and meditation are no longer mystical entities.

Through research into the brain we know exactly how it works and why it works.

By combining the very best techniques from self hypnosis & mindfulness meditation we can start conditioning your thinking.

These thoughts then create stronger neuropathways in your brain for the positive outcomes that you want. At the same time they weaken the neuropathways associated with behaviours that you want to eradicate.

In short, whether it's deep, blissful sleep or strong self esteem, these traits are conditioned into you so that it becomes a natural part of who you are and how you operate.

A Simple Process That Changes Your Life

To make any big improvement there is struggle and hard work. The fact that there isn't is what makes this truly remarkable

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Convenient Access

Access all sessions though your computer... or take advantage of my super convenient app.

Who is Mark Bowden

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has produced the first inflight hypnotherapy channel in Partnership with British Airways, seeing my work reach over 13 million people each year.

I am also a best selling author on brain performance and work with Premier League football players on their mental performance.

I have also been a consultant to Nike and regularly appear in the media.


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